Which street in Wigston has seen the most homeowners moving in the last 3 years?


Lots of people say moving home is one of the top ten most stressful events in your life. Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate your stress. In a nutshell, start as early as you can, plan ahead and do everything you can to make it easy on yourself, your family, and even the family pet. As an agent in Wigston, my team and I have been helping homeowners, landlords, buyers and tenants move, sell, and let their Wigston homes for many years. So I thought I would share some top tips for making your move as stress-free as possible – then find out which streets in Wigston have moved the most in the last 3 years.

The first tip is to plan ahead and write a list, because whilst it is taking between 15 and 20 weeks at the moment from finding a buyer to moving, those few weeks will fly by in no time as day to day life carries on. Next, get yourself a decent home removal company, as they are worth their weight in gold on moving day. If you need to know a good one in Wigston, drop me a line and I’ll let you know who my clients are raving about.

Next, a cluttered Wigston home doesn’t sell or let well, so maybe consider decluttering before you market the property. It will sell/let better and, when it comes to the move, the job will be so much easier. Know where you plan to put all your important documents (like passports and bank PIN etc). Tell your utility providers you’re moving – and it’s a good idea to create electronic copies of significant documents by scanning and saving them onto a USB stick. And don’t forget to get your mail redirected.

On the day of moving home stress levels will be high and I know you will want to get everything packed away and have the tea on by 5.30pm! Those who have moved many times know that won’t be the case. Be realistic, as it’s doubtful you are going to unpack all your boxes in your new home by the end of the first day.

Make sure to keep your ‘Moving Day Survival Equipment’ close by: a change of clothes, wash equipment, cold bottles of water, biscuits, kettle, tea/coffee/milk, crisps (even a G&T??) to keep your spirits, morale and energy up. You will be fine, but it will take a few days to completely unpack and get your new Wigston home the way you would like it to be. As long as you have your bed set up and made by the end of moving day, you can have the rest of the weekend to get ship-shape.

So, which street or road in Wigston (LE18, to be more precise) has put themselves through one of the most stressful life events over the last 3 years? Which street has seen the most home moves, and experienced the trials of moving home most often?

Windlass Drive comes in at the top spot, with 30 home movers in the last 36 months and a total value of property sold at £8,431,000. Interestingly, there are only 91 properties on the road… so have a look at the top 20 and see if your street is on the list!

… but before you go, if you do need any help or guidance about moving home, or simply some advice about the current state of the Wigston property market, feel free to drop me a line or read the other articles on my blog about the Wigston property market.


LE18 Street

or Road

Number of Properties Sold
in the Last 36 Months
Total Value
of Property Sold
Windlass Drive 30 £8,431,000
Meadow Hill 27 £7,054,000
Welford Road 26 £6,710,000
Aylestone Lane 25 £4,953,000
Peacock Place 24 £5,459,000
Kingston Avenue 18 £3,083,000
Lansdowne Grove 18 £2,587,000
Gloucester Crescent 16 £3,342,000
Grange Road 15 £3,403,000
Burleigh Avenue 15 £2,945,000
Oadby Road 15 £3,611,000
Central Avenue 15 £2,778,000
Leicester Road 14 £2,818,000
Park Road 14 £2,123,000
Foston Gate 14 £3,104,000
Acorn Way 14 £2,357,000
Dorset Avenue 13 £2,923,000
Horsewell Lane 13 £2,760,000
Healey Street 13 £1,989,000
Willow Park Drive 12 £2,830,000